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I am SO nervous and excited to introduce my latest studio pieces to you all : ) Inspired by the beautiful collector's photos on Instagram showing off their Sucre Sucre charm haul, these are pretty little creeper dishes to house your tiny bits of goodness and other small findings!

Craftily cut with handmade custom-designed guide blanks, each artisan dish starts by being hand-rolled into a uniform thickness. Each piece is carefully molded into my signature coffin or bat, baked to cure, and then again sanded by hand to achieve final smooth design lines. A blend of lightweight air and polymer clays make these dishes lightweight and durable, and are artfully hand painted with high-gloss enamel finished porcelain paint and finished with foiled gilded edging.

Each piece is totally unique, and made in very small artisanal batches.

Mindfully created with you in mind, creep it cool and stay spooky!

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