Cheesy Cheddar Biscuit Charm
Cheesy Cheddar Biscuit Charm

Cheesy Cheddar Biscuit Charm

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These bread bits, you know of which I speak, are hereby proclaimed the most crave-worthy break products in the world!

● You will receive one charm, finished on your choice of a gold or silver plated clasp!

● Each tiny detail is individually hand-made by me with love (no molds!) using polymer clay in a clay-only oven. Every one is unique in shape and texture.

● Perfect stich markers for your knitting or quilt project!
● Ideal to hook onto your cell phone charm!
● Easily add to your charm bracelet or necklace 
● Perfect mini delectable addition to your keyring
● Add to zipper pulls or loops for a unique embellishment
● Try clipping it onto your wallet!

Cheesy Cheddar Biscuit Charm

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