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Welcome to the New Sucre Sucre Miniatures!


Hey all!

Wow am I excited to announce and launch this new website! Last fall, you all joined me on my first adventure of launching my stand-alone webstore, www.sucresucreminiatures.com. It was new, and a little scary! Unsure of how many of my customers would accept a new sales outlet over my tried and trusted Etsy, I was hesitant to go all in!

While most of the past year went smoothly, I recently started experiencing terminally damaging hiccups with my webstore platform. I lost access to sales and contacts for over 6 weeks, had missing information on the orders- the works of my nightmares.

I simply cannot express how stressful this time has been. While it is obvious by my 14 day extended processing time on Etsy that I am overwhelmed to capacity, I try to ensure every one of your shopping experiences at Sucre Sucre is a great one.

Because of this, I made the leap over to this new, OH SO improved, webstore platform. After running trial tests personally for over a week, I am so excited for all of the new bells and whistles the new Sucre Sucre webstore can offer. 

Far and above, REWARDS! When I say you guys are the bestest, its so true! I have been wanting to offer some sort of rewards for all of my amazing people, especially you return collectors! Be sure to enroll in the free program, which offers lots of ways to rack up points- as well as points per dollar spent!

Rewards will be added and refreshed monthly to keep things fresh : )

So excited, thank you so much for taking the time to read and support this new venture!





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  • Ha you just wrote out my life with my business! It’s exciting to grow!! Congrats on everything

    Heidi Walker

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