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It may be Tiny, but its full of Goodness!

I am so chuffed to be launching a new facet to the Sucre Sucre diamond of little good goods, the Tiny Box of Goodness!

TBoG started last year as a seed of thought after seeing (and participating!) in the growing theme of subscription box services! I must say, I have had some good ones- and some bad ones! Some companies truly find and curate amazing treats you might not have the time or ability to gather on your own for a steal of a deal- and others I tried out where, well, cheap! They were priced low but what I got was a lot of low-value things I've seen in other places and even in some of my wholesale commercial vendor catalogs!

Let's talk for a minute about subscription boxes though (beware, math-focused babble below)- on my journey over the last year to source and research the dets on hosting a successful subbie box, I found a few common threads of truth that applies to any type of box or subscription service:

* Goals! Your target focus should first be on your customer. With a few years (and many, MANY changes) of a modestly successful etsy business under my belt, I've learned there simply is nothing more important than YOU! Not only orders that fuel the business, but the experience the customer has during browsing, checkout, and the best part: opening the goodies! I saw many of my customers using the term 'happy mail', and that is what I keep in mind while packaging and finalizing any order. For the subscription box, I want you to have a birthday-level experience while opening the parcel and ultimately feel satisfied in your investment in a box of happiness : )

*Value! This is tricky, so I had to pull out the dreaded google docs and make myself a proper spreadsheet! After reading horror stories of companies that tried to launch a sub service only to owe money at the campaign's end, I puled out my best excel formulas and got to work on how I could afford to fill each box to the brim while at least covering my base cost and time to pack! I found how important and difficult profit margins are in subscription boxes- there is a very fine line between filling the box with tons of great stuff and making a modest profit for your time, and filling the box with tons of great stuff and finding in the end each subscription COST you in the end. I took a good year in researching, sourcing and curating hand-picked goods that I could negotiate in at a reasonable cost per box. In TBoG, every theme is thoughtfully appointed and lovingly built by trustworthy vendors, my own Sucre Sucre tinies, and a slew of other hand makers and etsy shoppes that I've stocked over the last year! I wanted these to have a personal touch, and literally pick and choose each piece in the box based off of my own experience with the item/seller and things I truly love and use in my daily life!

*Quality! This is pretty straight forward and a universal truth I've found is central to any business, big or small: offer something of worth and good quality! Let me level with you though- the sub box was born from the realization that (spoiler alert) I only have two hands! There is a very real ceiling that caps the amount of products I can physically make while maintaining my handmade standards, which in turn limits growth potential. I see TBoG as a way to expand Sucre Sucre Miniatures, without necessarily having to make 50-100 charms every month to do it like the Charm of the Month Club demands. While some TBoG will have an actual charm/jewelry piece from Sucre Sucre, other months might have exclusive Sucre Sucre coupons or store credit where YOU get to choose how to use it! To add value to the box I turned to support other hand makers out there- so instead of a Sucre Sucre only subscription box, what you're really getting is a box full of tiny goodness and a truly great variety of products from makers all over that share the common theme of cuteness! 

And that's my recipe for the TBoG adventure! Be sure to follow TinyBoxofGoodness on Instagram if you love behind-the-scenes and spoiler shots, and I will also be posting a monthly round-up of what was inside the last TBoG! 

X Chels
Do you have a super cute item or product you want to get into a Tiny Box of Goodness? Contact Chels here, and be sure to include a description of your item, as well as your business/etsy website! Photo credit: saratorpey via Instagram!

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