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RESOURCE| Key Characteristics of a Successful Brand Ambassador

The Core Traits of a Brand Ambassador
So, what does a good brand ambassador look like? Here are some key points to help you get started!
  • Be authentic: The best ambassadors appreciate the importance of authenticity! Post from the heart!
  • Professionalism: as a brand rep, you are an extension of the company! 
  • Natural Leader: you were chosen because you exude confidence and positivity! Use these traits to gain rep benefits! A resourceful rep can feel free to email me to organize loop giveaways run other promotions!
  • Building Relationships: brand reps are not sales people, you're SO much better than that! Ambassadors foster loyal relationships between customers and brand. Being passionate about — and intimately familiar with — products allow you to make deep connections with others on my behalf!
  • Gather Feedback: I want to hear your experience conversations going on behind the scenes! I'll regularly reach out to you to gather info on conversations and opinions you might have had about the tiny goodness!


But most importantly, be YOU! You were selected from a massive pool of entries because you stood out, so keep on keepin' on!



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